Бизнес план для иностранного инвестора на английском

SolFiPro renders professional consulting services and helps entrepreneurs, business owners, and executives to develop clear, concise and compelling business plans in order to raise capital for their business needs. SolFiPro has clients from a wide range of industries and of all stages of development, including start-ups. Business plans made by SolFiPro powerfully communicate business opportunities to investors and lenders.

The mission of SolFiPro is to provide start-up and mature businesses with Business Plan Services and Resources for Any Need and Any Budget in order to eventually help them meet new horizons of development.

How can we help you?

  • If you prefer to make a business plan by your own we will provide you with a step by step guide that will help you. You know your business better than we do. However we strongly recommend you to turn to our consultants to prepare the financial part of your business plan. It is not very expensive and you will get a well-established business plan.
  • If you prefer to request consultants of SolFiPro to prepare the whole business plan we will develop it with the financial projections having a real impact on your company’s ability to raise an investment capital or secure a bank loan. We know what projects attract professional investors and lenders and we know how to capture the idea in your head and powerfully communicate it in the business plan.

The typical structure of our business plan is as followers.


  • Market Opportunity
  • Value Proposition
  • Strategy
  • Financing Requirements
  • Leadership
  • Keys to Success


  • Industry Analysis – Quality Assurance as a Competitive Factor
  • Market Size and Growth Trends
  • Major Domestic Competitors
  • Foreign Producers
  • Supply Shortages and Capacity Augmentation
  • Market Pricing Trends
  • Raw Materials Markets


  • Start-up Plan
  • Location


  • Product Description
  • Production Cost
  • Plant Operation
  • Competitive Comparison
  • Potential Customers and Indications of Interest


  • Milestones
  • Positioning Strategy
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Sales Strategy 
  • Pricing Strategy
  • Risks and Counter Measures 


  • Management and Personnel Plan
  • Corporate Structure
  • Financing Strategy


  • Project Costs and Financing
  • Critical Assumptions - Operations
  • Critical Assumptions - Tax Rates
  • Summary Financial Projections
  • Business Ratios
  • Cash Flow Analysis
  • Investment Analysis

VIII. Appendices

Appendix I: Start-up Milestone and Budget Requirement Timeline 

Appendix II: Corporate Structure

Appendix III: Financial Projections

Appendix IV: Sources and Uses of Funds

Appendix V: Ratio Analysis of Projected Sales, Earnings, Cash Flows and Balances

Appendix VI: Cash Flow Analysis

Appendix VII: Personnel Plan

Appendix VIII: Product Illustrations 

Appendix IX: Facility Design and Floor Plan

Appendix X: List of Data Room Materials 

Appendix XI: List of Companies Mentioned

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Бизнес план для иностранного инвестора на английском
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